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The History of Aimer

Founded by  George and Bert Aimer, the brothers manufactured, maintained and repaired the first X-Ray tubes in 1900, just off the Tottenham Court Road. With their business growing rapidly with the developing use of

X-Rays, they moved to Mortimer Market, Tottenham, gradually expanding into the surrounding units.

                                                                                 Towards the end of the 1920s, after decades of                                                                                   radiation exposure, the Aimer brothers’ health                                                                                   deteriorated, so, they bargained a deal for a local                                                                                   businessman to buy the company under the agreement                                                                                   that George and Bert would be kept on as employees. The                                                                                   agreement was not upheld and so the brothers were forced                                                                                   to move on. The original business was re-branded several                                                                                   times by its new owner but was not successful and soon                                                                                   ran into bankruptcy. Throughout this time, George Aimer                                                                                   became increasingly ill as a result of his radiation exposure                                                                                   in the early years and sought financial health for himself                                                                                   and his wife, stirring huge support from many prolific                                                                                   figures in the scientific community, eventually being                                                                                   granted £250 by Prime Minister Chamberlain in 1938.

About Us



Aimer Products Ltd. re-emerged in the 1940s headed by Bert Aimer, their premises at Rochester Place in Camden Town. In 1947, he stepped down, appointing Walter Frederick Dowden and Douglas Arthur Sanderson as Directors, with Bert still retaining 50% of the shares. In 1955, David Leveridge started as an apprentice glassblower. He was then fully employed by  Aimer Products, eventually becoming a partner in the 1980s, buying both Dowden and Sanderson’s shares.

Since then, Aimer Products have settled in their premises in Brimsdown, Enfield, and is run by David’s children, Lee and John, where they carry the original Aimer brothers’ legacy and continue to manufacture quality bespoke scientific and industrial glassware.