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Graduated - Calibrated - Glassware

Graduated Oil Testing Glassware - Dean and Stark Receivers

To BSI and ASTM Standards or custom made to your own spec..

Dean & Stark Receivers

Graduated Oil Testing Glassware - Dean and Stark Receivers

Graduated Burettes

Plain - Hemel - Bunte - Tut-Weiler

D91 - D96 - D893 - D1796 - D1837 - D2273 - D2709 - IP317 - D96

Centrifuge Tubes

Flat Bottom, Camden Pattern,  
MO Pattern

Glass Rain Gauge Measures

Optic Measures, Auto Pipettes, Average System Measures

Metrology Glassware

Our glassware can be calibrated and graduated to order at our Enfield workshop by our experienced and highly skilled team. We can offer a graduation and calibration service on both glassware manufactured in house as well as glassware provided to us by the customer.

Graduated Glass Centrifuge Tubes Burettes

Burette, Dean & Stark

Stems for further manipulation.

Graduated Glass Stems

pKM_L5">Metrology Glassware