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Borosilicate Glass Sintered Disc and Thimbles

Aimer sintered glassware is made in our own factory from borosilicate glass and is resistant to all reagents except hydrofluoric acid and strong alkalis.

As we manufacture on site we have the ability to cut and grind sintered disc to a wide range of shapes and sizes, making discs up to 270mm in diameter.

The maximum temperature of use should not exceed 400oC for any length of time as this will give rise to internal strain, shortening the life of the apparatus considerably.

Sterilisation may be carried out by any normal means, but dry heat at 150oC is preferred. Care should be taken when heating and also cooling as to prevent strain from being introduced into the glass and filter.

Porosity 0 and 1
Grades 0 and 1 are used for the rough filtration of very course precipitates, for the dispersion of gases in liquids in various kinds of wash bottles, and the distribution of liquid extractors.

Porosity 2
Grade 2 is used for the filtration of somewhat finer precipitates than the above, and for still finer types of gas washers.

Porosity 3
Grade 3 is used wherever possible for all kinds of filtration, particularly in quantitative work, gas  washers where exceptionally fine dispersions are required, and where a high back pressure is permissible, and for the removal of dust and bacteria from dry gas streams.

Porosity 4
Grade 4 is the finest of the ordinary grades. It is used for the filtration of the finest precipitates such as barium sulphate and for all kinds of work where really “bright” filters are required. It is naturally distinctly slower in operation than the grade 3, which would be used in preference whenever possible.

Porosity 5
Grade 5 is a compound disc consisting of a thin layer of grade 5 supported by and grade 3 disc, the whole being fired into a single unit with the grade 5 surface uppermost. This is used entirely for bacterial filtration, replacing many types of ceramic filters. It is suggested that the bulk of solids be removed from the solution first by passing through a grade 3 or 4.

Porosity 5 sintered disc are special order only.

To order or enquire:

+44 (0)208 804 8282 or email sales@aimer.co.uk


Pore Size in Microns

Colour Code

Double 0

250 to 500



150 to 250



90 to 150



40 to 90



15 to 40



5 to 15



up to 2